Friday, July 13, 2012

The Haskell Spin Project


To create a spin tailored for Haskell.  A single point where a noob or expert can go to get access to the best tools and resources to be successful with Haskell.

Please leave me comments with suggestions for Haskell resources.  This might include but not be limited to applications, IDEs, IRC channels, blog sites, web sites, how to's, getting started, etc.

The spin will need to contain everything a noob or expert would need to be successful.


  1. Hello, I am a total beginner and recently started learning Haskell. This is my file of resources.
    A quick, and fast overview.
    More depth, good examples, good explanations.
    Another book to start out with.
    Haskell practice problems
    Notation for problem solving.
    Indentation is good to know about in the beginning.
    Tutorial using Haskell to generate SVG

  2. I have been thinking for a while about making a Fedora Haskell Spin.

  3. I left a huge comment on the reddit post: